Wednesday, August 10, 2022

NITI Aayog refuses charges of inflated COVID deaths, claiming that the CRS report is accurate

Dr. VK Paul, a member of the (Health) Niti Aayog, said that the number of deaths recorded by the Civil Registration System 2020 (CRS) 2020 exposes “the truth” about the fatalities reported and helps in analyzing the country’s mortality load.

NITI Aayog member on Tuesday explained the science and data behind the number of deaths, saying, “The total number of deaths comprises deaths from all causes, including COVID-19, natural, maternal, infant, and everything else. So, if we take a look at the big picture, we can get a better idea of the country’s death burden in 2020.”

The member of the NITI Aayog also refuted accusations in some international media publications that COVID-19 mortality are eight times higher than those reported in India. Before making such assertions, he encouraged them to be “careful.”

The Civil Registration System (CRS) report 2020, based on birth and death data in the country, was released by the central government on Tuesday.

Death registration increased by 4.75 lakh in 2020, according to CRS, compared to 2019.

In the years 2018 and 2019, death registrations increased by 4.87 lakh and 6.90 lakh, respectively. From 76.4 lakhs in 2019 to 81.2 lakhs in 2020, the number of deaths registered has increased.

According to the MoHFW website (as of April 28, 2022), there have been 5,23,693 deaths due to COVID. In the year 2020, 1,48,994 individuals died, with 3,32,492 dying in 2021 and 40,207 dying in 2022.

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