The hefty fines under the amended Motor Vehicles Act have created enough uproar and now adding to the stress is another incident when a traffic cop got into an argument with a man over rules violation. Following the spat, the 35-year old was admitted to a hospital where he died due to heart attack.

The incident has been reported from Ghaziabad where the man who worked with a software company was in the car with his parents when the traffic personnel stopped him for checking near the CISF Cut.

Deceased’s father has alleged misbehaviour by traffic police during checking under the new Motor Vehicles Act. The father added that there was no problem in reviving rules, however, there is a way how one should behave. Hinting at the alleged misbehaviour, he said police could have been polite with his son. He claimed that there was no case of rash driving or any other violation and then also the police booked them.

He added that the man in white uniform did not appear as someone who had the authority to inspect or slap hefty fine. Reiterating the rude behaviour by cops, deceased’s father said had the policemen spoken softly, his son would have been alive and his 5-year-old granddaughter would not have lost her father.

He urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to give justice to his son. Meanwhile, Noida Police found out about the incident through media reports and ordered a probe into the matter. It said the incident happened near CISF Cut in Ghaziabad at about 6 pm. The police asserted that the deceased was a diabetic and died due to heart attack.

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