A mother hired three contract killers to kill her 22-year-old son as he was having an objection to her illicit relationship with a self-styled godman. The police said that the 45-year-old woman, Suresh Devi had hired the contract killers to kill her 22-year-old son for a sum of Rs 35,000. They hired three contract killers- Sachin, Satyandra and Amit to kill Ashu. Reports said that the woman, who was in love with Kanhaiya, the self-styled godman from last four years. Besides the two of them, Suresh Devi’s son-in-law Amit was also involved in the plot. 

The police said that Kanhaiya frequently used to visit Suresh Devi’s home. Ashul, the victim was totally unaware of their illicit relationship until he once caught them in a compromising situation. After discovering their relationship, he started arguing with Devi and often used to fight with her. He always told her to leave him and because of his this never accepting attitude towards his mother’s relationship, a plot to kill him was shaped. 

After contacting one of the killers, Amit the mother came out with a plan to kill her son. According to Circle Officer Nishank Sharma, the incident took place on June 18, when Amit took Ashul with him to buy a washing machine. He then dropped him at a secluded place where the killers were waiting for him. After making him their friend, they offered a soft drink to Ashul, The soft drink was containing sedatives, which made him unconscious. After this, they strangled him to death and fled away from the spot. 

The matter was highlighted when a passerby discovered Ashul’s body and informed the police. The police immediately came into action and investigated Ashul’s family. The mystery behind the death came out as the family was showing a little interest during the probe. The police then went through the autopsy report which said that the reason of death was strangulation. 

After an investigation, Suresh Devi confessed to her crimes and the police arrested her. The police then arrested her lover Kanhaiya, her son-in-law Amit Kumar and two of the three contract killers for the murder of Ashul in Dadri’s Luharli village last month.



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