In another shocker from a politician in Uttar Pradesh government, the ‘Divyangjan’ empowerment minister Om Prakash Rajbhar threatened parents of children that he will put them into jail if they will not send their wards to school to study and punish them by not providing drinking water and food. Om Prakash Rajbhar made these comments during a public rally which he was addressing in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh.

Om Prakash Rajbhar, during a speech in a UP village, while threatening the parents said that he will originate laws of his own choice. Poor parents who will not send their kids to study to school, he will put them into jail. He will also not provide them drinking water or even food. “Parents who don’t send their wards to schools will be forced to sit in police stations without food & water for 5 days.”

The Uttar Pradesh minister did not stop there and continued saying that up till now he was trying to make parents understand about sending their kids to school like a leader, son or brother. But even after this and within six months, if parents will not send their wards to school and then he will put them into jail.

UP Minister Om Prakash Rajbhar further compared this situation with a incident in Hindu mythology epic Ramayan, and said that even Lord Ram who when was mulling out ways to cross the ocean to safe his wife Sita requested and pleaded the ocean to pave way for him, then Lord Ram had taken stern decision and build a bridge to Lanka.” 

While threatening parents for sending them to jail who will not send their kids to school, Om Prakash Rajbhar also added that he was not afraid for making this statement and he wouldn’t even care if for this he will have to face a capital punishment. Responding to media for making this threat, Rajbhar said that one can be a bit strict when dealing with people who are shying away from sending children to school.