Comparing NRC to his baby, former Chief Minister of Assam, Tarun Gogoi slammed the Modi government and claimed that the BJP failed to ‘nurse’ the idea of Assam’s NRC. Talking about the 40 lakh people who failed to make it to the final draft of the Assam’s NRC, Tarun Gogoi said that it was because of BJP’s failure that draft had 40 lakh people missing from it. Assam’s former CM said that the inception of the whole idea took place under his regime. He added that after his term ended, BJP failed in giving it the proper attention which gave birth to defective NRC draft.

Hitting out at the BJP, the tree time chief minister said that BJP was never interested in using NRC to stop infiltrations but always wanted to use it as a political tool for the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha polls. He further accused BJP of playing politics with foreigners’ issue.

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Stating that PM Modi is interested in bringing more foreigners into the country, Tarun Gogoi said that BJP always brings out this infiltration issue during election time.

Gogoi said that BJP is using the NRC issue to divert people’s attention from their actual failures. He also accused BJP of playing politics on communal lines.

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Out of total 3.29 crore applicant, only 2.89 crore made it to the Assam’s NRC draft. Out of the total applicants, 40.07 lakh people failed to find a place in the draft filed by the government. The Centre is continuously being criticised for leaving over 40 lakh people from the list. Later, Union Minister Rajnath Singh stated that no action will be taken against all those who failed to make it to NRC draft.

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