Being wealthy is not just about how much money you have. It is also about how much you help the ones in need. A person becomes 10 times richer when he helps those who can’t afford the basic needs. After all, nothing is greater than humanity. Pinakin Shukla is a perfect example of such a personality who believes in giving and helping people.

Pinakin Shukla is a politician and a social worker. He hails from Virpur, Mahisagar district of Gujarat and is also a land developer. Over the years, Pinakin has built a reputation for himself as a kind-hearted and a giving man who never shies away from helping others. That is exactly what he did this time on the occassion of birth anniversary of Former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

On the occasion of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birth anniversary, Pinakin Shukla has donated blankets and shawls to more than 300 families. This big gesture has put a smile on a lot of people’s face. As it’s the winter season, this is the right kind of donation a person can make. As a social activist and a worker, Pinakin has always made sure that he steps out and make donations and contributions whenever and wherever he can.

About his donations and his gesture of helping others often, Pinakin Shukla says, “By God’s grace, I am in a position where I can help others. As a politician and a public figure that people look up to, it is my duty to show people that a strong and loving society is built when we decide to help each other. Today, if I am helping someone, others might get inspired and help those around them. This will keep happening more and more and the world would be a better place for everyone to live. I make sure that I donate the basic goods to people who are in dire need of it.”