Aiming to build a national consensus and spread awareness on the need for “one nation, one election”, the BJP will be planning to host one webinar every day in the coming month. It was the first kind of such events held on Sunday and BJP National Spokesperson Guru Prakash on Sunday along with Baijayant Panda, BJP National Vice President, and P Puneeth, Associate Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, spoke on why simultaneous elections are needed. They also talked about the various legalities involved in doing so.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who came into power in 2014 has been advocating that all elections including Lok Sabha, state assemblies to be held together. PM had forwarded the argument in favour of this idea so that frequent polls across the country do not hamper work along with massive wastage of money and resources.

Recently, while addressing the concluding session of the 80th All India Presiding Officers Conference, the Prime Minister had pitched for “one nation, one election’’. In the webinar, BJP’s Guru Prakash asserted that simultaneous elections were in the interest of the country and should be pushed by every political party across party lines and ideology.

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Professor Puneet while suggesting two cycles of elections spread over five years as more feasible and desirable also stated that some amendments would be required in the Constitution for doing so.