Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday said that simultaneous polls are not possible even in 2024. His remarks came a day after his party supported the idea of simultaneous polls in the country. The JDU said that simultaneous polls in the country would help curb black money and excessive expenditure. Talking to reporters, the JDU president said that they have favoured the simultaneous polls on ideological ground. He further said, “Forget 2019, don’t think it’s possible even in 2024. Several provisions will have to be discarded. The atmosphere should be created so it can be implemented in the future.” 

He asserted that simultaneous polls would result in better governance and better administration which has so far been affected due to constant election campaigns throughout the year. 

Speaking on Grand Alliance, Nitish Kumar said,  “We (JDU & BJP) are working together in Bihar but when it comes to outside Bihar there are no discussions like that. There has not been an alliance like that at the national level.” 

He also rubbished reports of JDU again joining Mahagathbandhan, adding that as far as our political relations with BJP is concerned, it isn’t possible to get together with some other party at some other place, leaving them behind. When you run a political party you need to keep in mind sentiments of those attached to your party, the JDU leader said. 

The JDU yesterday made it clarified that it will fight 2019 Lok Sabha elections with BJP. Nitish Kumar further said there is no rift between the BJP and JDU.

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