Monday, August 8, 2022

One year since Galwan tragedy, India remembers bravehearts

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the “Galwan clash” wherein 20 Indian soldiers laid down their lives in the defence of India’s sovereign territory. NewsX also spoke to 3 of the families of India’s Galwan martyrs about their stand on the current India-China situation.

To avoid violence from escalating, the soldiers stationed along the Indo-Chinese borders are unarmed and this led to the clash taking the form of a hand-to-hand melee, with the involved soldiers attacking each other using fists and improvised weapons. This incident highlighted Chinese aggression and expansionism even clearer.

Investigations launched into the event and its backround discovered that China had deployed tanks and artillery near Galwan and constructed fortifications just a month earlier, hinting to the possibility that the “Galwan clash” was not a blind skirmish caused by the individual zeal of the patrolling soldiers but rather, an attempt at a pre-planned incursion.

China had likely expected the Indian soldiers to be shocked by so sudden and organised a Chinese assault and retreat, ceding ground as they did so. However, the martial spirit of the Indians urged them to resist, and resist they did, inflicting roughly twice as many casualties than they suffered, according to the reports of the American intelligence agency CIA and Russian media association TASS. This is despite the fact that the Chinese were armed with spiked clubs they had prepared beforehand, which were used to slash at Indian soldiers. The Chinese Communist Party also hesitated in giving a proper number on their casualties, initially acknowledging several wounded but no fatalities. However, new revelations slowly pressured them into claiming that they suffered only 4 dead, and several unofficial sources claiming that the number is higher.

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