A woman has alleged to forceful conversion and physical assault on her by her Muslim husband stating that hers is a case of ‘love jihad.’ Mother of one, former model Rashim Shahabajkar has made sensational accusations on her husband claiming that even after 12 years of their marriage she continues to be tortured by her husband, Asif who has also barred her from meeting her own children. The victim has filed an FIR against two, her husband and one of his friends who she claimed was also involved in the racket and the two are currently trying to convert Asif’s second wife who is 19 years younger than him.

Alleging that Asif has now married another woman and is also trying to get her to convert her religion, the woman said, “Rashim’s motive behind getting me and other women like me converted is a clear indicator that his philosophy is that of love jihad, the other woman (Asif’s second wife) is also being trapped and I have some messages on my phone which prove the fact. Asif’s friend Munir is also involved in this.” Asif is 47 while his second wife is just 28 she added.

What’s the story:

Rashim alleged that she and Asif have been married successfully since the past 13 years and their marriage was going fine before her husband started pressurizing her to change her religion. Once they had a child together, she was pressurised even more to convert. She further went on to add that Asif had recently married another Hindu girl and is trying to change her religion too. Rashim also accused him of demanding money from her, and said, despite bringing in money from her parents she was regularly tortured and he even tried to poisoned her a couple of times. “My husband has recently married a Hindu girl who is half his age, he is now trying to evict me from our marital home. I am facing a serious threat to my life, tortured and assaulted too,” she told ANI.

What’s the proof:

The former model also alleged that she has messages stored in mobile phones which are proof of her claims. She claimed that now Asif and her friend Munir are trying to get the second wife converted in an attempt to ‘spoil’ her life. “I have the conversion message which was sent to her,” Rashim said.

In a video which has surfaced on the internet, the woman can be seen crying and accusing her husband of conversion and assault. She has reportedly registered an FIR with Bandra police in Mumbai who are currently investigating the case

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