Over 270 killed, 10 lakh missing in floods, landslides in 6 states: Monsoon claimed over 270 lives across India this month, authorities said on Wednesday. The two weeks of heavy downpour resulted in floods and landslides, which resulted in mass evacuation of over 10 lakh and ravaged thousands of homes across six states. Among the most hit areas, the southern states of Karnataka and Kerala, western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra sustained severe damage. Apart from hampering and damaging railway lines, the rains also washed away the hard work of thousands of farmers. While the monsoons are considered as blessings for rural India, it is a sin for those who lost their homes and families each year.

Reports said that over 89 people were killed and more than 50 went missing after heavy rains lashed Kerala. More than 100 people were stuck in several parts of areas after downpour led to dozens of landslides in the state. Briefing the media on the situation in the state, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that over 1.9 lakh people have been moved to relief camps in the states, however, he added that people are returning to homes after floodwaters recede.


On the other hand, Karnataka has also been severely affected by the heavy rainfall. Soon after the authorities released water from dams, over 15 people were killed and 15 were missing as the rivers flooded with excessive water. In Karnataka too, over 7 lakh people have been shifted to safer places.

The weather department has also predicted that the heavy rains will hit the central parts of India, Madhya Pradesh. This year, in Maharashtra, over 48 people died due to heavy rains while in Gujarat 31 people have been killed due to heavy rains.  Heavy rains have killed over 32 people in Madhya Pradesh and damaged crops. 

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