Seems like India’s eviction from the ICC World Cup semi-final is difficult to fathom, in fact, inevitable at least for some time. The loss is so intense that its pain is very much evident in the speech of our former finance minister and senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram who in his speech desired for happier circumstances while referring to India’s loss to NewZealand in the semi-final. Attacking the government, he said he wasn’t only unhappy because India lost a cricket match yesterday, but also because democracy was suffering a low every day.

His statement was, “I wish I was speaking under happier circumstances. I’m not unhappy only because India lost a cricket match yesterday. I’m very unhappy that democracy is suffering a blow every day.”

The pain is unbearable so much that it’s difficult to come in terms with. From fans to players, everyone is dejected. The sad faces, the welled-up eyes, the disappointed expectations are a testimony to India’s shattered world cup dream in the semi-final for yet another time. This made all fans picture India’s 2019 ICC Champions Trophy loss to Pakistan as it still mutes their madness. If Pakistan wasn’t enough, New Zealand has given another mourning to the Indian Cricket fans.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his tweet expressed disappointment with the way India lost the battle for which it toiled hard. Though he did appreciate the way Team India played the entire tournament.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also in a tweet supporting Team India said the country was proud of the exceptional quality cricket played by the Indian players and wished them luck.

Meanwhile, in the upper house, Chidambaram also took the opportunity to highlight the drawbacks from Budget 2019. He said there wasn’t a single structural reform in the entire budget speech and claimed that the Manmohan Singh-led government brought-in at least 11 structural reforms, unlike the incumbent government. He also attacked the government for not taking bold measures to combat unemployment. He said the gravity of unemployment was evident from the ever-growing unemployment rate.

He also told the House that the Centre was showing people ‘pie in the sky’ by talking about the goal of achieving a $5 trillion economy by 2020-25. He added that as long as the rate of growth is 11 per cent, the rate of the economy will continue to double every five or six year.

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