Double slap for Pakistan: On the occasion of the 42nd session of UNHRC, the Baloch leaders and activists have requested to human rights bodies to support Balochistan Movement to stop the genocide in the hilly region against Pakistan’s barbarism. Now, the Baloch freedom fighters are questioning the international community about human right violation crisis in Balochistan and the involvement of the Pakistan Army and the Army-backed government in it. On Wednesday, the Baloch Human Rights Council organised a briefing on ‘The Humanitarian Crisis in Balochistan’ at a special tent at Broken Chair, in front of the United Nations in Geneva. Baloch women and men chanting slogans of Azaadi (freedom) around the world as a mark of protest against the atrocities committed by Pakistan Amy.

The leaders said Baloch genocide is taking new faces day by day and Baloch women, children and elders are being mercilessly killed during military operations in Balochistan. Questioning the international community why it allowed Pakistan to quash the Balochistan nation which is confronting generational destruction for decades.

Samad Baloch, Secretary-General, Baloch Human Rights Council, in Geneva said they are poor and suffered a lot because minerals and natural resources-rich Balochistan has been looted and its people have been denied their socio-cultural, economic rights. Samad Baloch said Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorism and the country is not only committing systematic genocide of Baloch people but also involved in the genocide of our Sindhis and Pashtuns. Pakistan is also a threat for the world because it is a rogue state and there is no law, no justice, he added.

Baloch leader Mehran Marri said Islamabad is committing genocide and human rights violation in Balochistan and yet they are going to the international community over human rights issues in Jammu and Kashmir. Marri’s statement came after Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi invited the world media and the international community to Pakistan occupied Kashmir to see how happy people are living there.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Brig Ijaz Ahmed Shah admitted that His country has failed to get support from the international community over its stand on Jammu and Kashmir and said Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pakistan’s ruling elite tarnished the image of the country.

During a talk show on Pakistani news channel Hum News on Wednesday, Ijaz Ahmed Shah said people in the international community don’t believe Pakistanis. On being questioned about Imran Khan, Benazir Bhutto, Pervez Musharraf and others if they were a part of the ruling elite, the former spy chief said the country needs a soul searching now.

At their general council meeting in Delhi, the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind adopted a resolution that Kashmir is an integral part of India and that all Kashmiris are its compatriots. The Islamic body also made it clear that any separatist movement is harmful not only for the country but for people of Kashmir as well. Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind said it’s the organisation’s national duty to protect democratic and human rights of Kashmiri people and their welfare lies in getting integrated with India but the inimical forces and neighbouring country are bent upon destroying Kashmir.

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