Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday addressed a press conference on the rising tensions between India and Pakistan, moments after attending an emergency meeting of the National Command Authority in Islamabad, which is the highest security body in the country. Imran Khan invited India for peace talks saying war is not a solution and both sides can’t afford miscalculations with the weapons they have, hinting at the nuclear arsenal of both the nations. He said earlier on Wednesday the Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian aircraft and said the respective pilots were in Pakistani custody. A few minutes ahead of Imran’s speech, the Ministry of External Affairs held a press briefing and confirmed that 1 pilot of the Indian Air Force was missing.

Imran Khan said if India wants any kind of talk on terrorism, Pakistan was ready for it but hoped that better sense prevails. The prime minister of the Islamic Republic said the country was compelled to take retaliatory action to safeguard its country’s territorial integrity. He said he was in regular touch with chiefs of Pakistan Army and Air Force and the forces will take all necessary actions if India thinks of any kind of misadventure. He warned India that all wars begun for a short duration end in massive miscalculations and ended up to be long affairs, drawing special mention to World War I, the Nazis’ folly of expecting a swift end to its assault on the erstwhile USSR in World War II, the Vietnam war and the US war on terror that has seen America mired in Afghanistan for more than 15 years. Against such a repeat on the sub-continent, Imran beseeched India and its leaders to exercise better judgement.

Imran Khan further said he was ready for an investigation into the Pulwama terror attack that left 49 CRPF personnel dead, the main cause for the rapidly escalating tensions between the two neighbours. Earlier today, Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor said they shot down two Indian aircraft which violated their airspace.

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