Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the world community to take action against terrorism. He urged the United Nations to take strong action against the recent decision of the Indian government over the abrogation of Article 370. Pak PM Imran Khan said the world should realize the repercussions after the restrictions will be lifted from the Kashmir. Khan alleged that around 8 million people in Kashmir are under siege for almost 52 days. The issue of Kashmir has been internationalized now.

Addressing at the Asia Society in New York, Pakistan PM Imran said Pakistan has always insisted India for talks. He said he had personally requested PM Modi for the talks on several occasions which was denied by India. He said the negotiation process with India now subject to the lifting of curfew from Kashmir valley. He said the future of the Kashmir should be decided as per aspiration of Kashmiris which was promised by UPSC through resolutions.

Talking about the economical growth in Pakistan, Khan said his government has been successful to maintain the value of the currency and working for the welfare of the people. He said corrupt leadership, which took the national debt accumulated over 60 years up by four times in the last decade, the funds that could have been spent on human development in Pakistan ended up in foreign bank accounts.

Imran Khan also said the country is trying its best to maintain the peace in the region. He said the recent decisions taken his government over various issues including the Kartarpur corridor and others for the welfare of Sikhs and other communities.

Khan said his vision for Pakistan is what the first vision set up by first Holy Prophet for the State of Madinah. He asserted that his teachings are to believe in equality among all the communities.

On Thursday, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi boycotted his counterpart S Jaishankar’s opening speech at the SAARC Council of Foreign Ministers. Qureshi had stated Pakistan will not engage with India until it lifts restrictions in the Kashmir valley.

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