Pakistani abuses elderly Indian lady in UK: Some Pakistani’s can stoop to any low. The shameless act of a Pakistani man was caught on camera when he was abusing an elderly Indian lady in Birmingham, England. In the video, tweeted by Dr Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State (Ind Charge) for Development of North Eastern Region, the man can be seen hurling abuses at the senior citizen and moving towards her an in a hostile manner. The elderly lady has been identified as Krishna Bhan, a Kashmiri Pandit.

Reports said the man threatened the lady that she is not allowed to stay in both Birmingham and Jammu and Kashmir. In a fit of rage, the man also said that he will personally fight against India. This is not the first incident of how belligerent Pakistanis are targetting the people of Indian origin and basically Indians in the United Kingdom.

The Pakistan Army and the ISI are helping terror groups and proving military training to Kashmiri youths to target Indian Army and high-value targets in India as part of the ongoing jihad to snatch Kashmir from India. The same anti-India mentality is also visible among the Pakistani nationals who are residing in different parts of the UK.

On September 3, Pakistani diaspora members along with several Khalistanis had staged a violent protest outside the Indian High Commission and vandalised the mission’s property. Windowpanes were destroyed after the angry mob pelted stones and threw bottles at the Indian High Commission building. The British Indians took up the task to clean the Indian mission in London and sent the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan the cleaning invoice. Indian envoy Ruchi Ghanashyam was also present during the clean-up operation, reports said.

On August 15, the same people had attacked the members of Indian diaspora who were celebrating the country’s Independence Day. The Pakistanis were protesting Indian govt’s decision to remove the special status for the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.

On Sunday, a violent mob attacked a Hindu teacher in Pakistan’s Sindh province after he was booked on charges of alleged blasphemy. The incident took place in Sindh’s Ghotki city. A video has gone viral on social media in which hundreds of protesters with sticks and other dangerous weapons in their hands attacked a school named Sindh Public School and desecrated a Hindu temple in the area. Reports said the teacher has used derogatory remarks against the Holy Prophet. The mob has also attacked the houses of Hindu families. Later, the mob has blocked off roads in the area. The authorities have put strict restrictions in place and have shut down all the business units in the Ghotki city.

Reports said the incident has created a riot like situation in the city and the Hindu community is under a threat after the attack. The rioters which are said to be the supporters of extremists leader Mian Mithu are widely accused of involvement in the attack. Earlier, the group had been accused of forced conversion of Hindu women in the province.

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