As debates and discussions on rising fuel prices continue to take place, the costliest petrol on Monday was sold in Maharashtra’s Parbhani district. The per litre cost of petrol in Parbhani on Monday touched Rs 89.97 (almost Rs 90). It is the highest per litre cost of petrol compared to any other part of the country. Speaking to a news agency, Parbhani District Petrol Dealers Association (PDPDA) President Sanjay Deshmukh said that the petrol cost was hitting the psychological barrier of Rs 90 per litre while diesel was sold at Rs 77.92. After Parbhani, in Amravati, one litre of petrol on Monday was Rs 89.46 while diesel was sold at Rs 78.69.

Talking about other parts in Maharashtra, in Thane, one-litre petrol cost was Rs 88.29 and diesel Rs 77.49. In Mumbai, petrol was sold at Rs 88.21 per litre and diesel at Rs 77.41 per litre on Monday. Targeting the BJP-led government at the Centre, the Congress on Monday with the support of other political parties called for Bharat Bandh. Several parties like TMC, and others supported Congress’ protest but did not participate in the Bharat Bandh. 

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Amit the Bharat Bandh protest, there were minor incidents of violence which took place in the country. However, calling for the Bandh, the Congress party did convey it to their workers not to indulge in any kind of violence.

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Hitting out at the BJP government, the Congress party took it to Twitter and shared a couple of infographics in which they had compared how the fuel prices have risen over the time and mocked the Modi-led BJP which is in power for not controlling the fuel prices. In one of the graphs, Congress compared the price of one-litre petrol during their and NDA’s rule with the international price being at the same level. In the graph, Congress emphasized on the fact that in August 2009 and September 10, 2018, the crude oil cost in the international market was the same which is  
$71.9, however, the cost of one-litre petrol in August 2009 during Congress’ rule was Rs 44.63 but now it is being sold at Rs 80.73.

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