Veteran actor and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP, who on late Tuesday night in an attempt to slam the Congress party over their chai-wala jibe to defame Prime Minister Narendra Modi, also took to Twitter, wrote a tweet but further delete it, saying it was in bad taste. Paresh Rawal while issuing an apology over his tweet said deleted the tweet as it was in bad taste and I apologise for hurting feelings. Paresh Rawal’s reaction had come after Yuva Desh, Indian Youth Congress’s online magazine in an attempt to make fun of PM Modi put out a derogatory tweet.

While, Congress party and Yuva Desh’s jibe was severely criticised by a number of Bharatiya Janata Party leaders. Responding to the Yuva Desh’s jibe which later backfired the organisation, BJP leader Paresh Rawal said, “Our Chai-Wala is any day better than tour Bar-Wala.” However, later, the actor deleted the tweet saying it was in bad taste and I apologise for hurting feelings. The ‘chai-wala’ controversy began after Yuva Desh put out a tweet with a picture showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister.

In the picture, Yuva Desh showed PM Modi asking President Trump and UK PM Theresa May that were they aware about different kinds of ‘memes’ put out by the opposition against him. However, Yuva Desh’s jibe at PM Modi backfired and forced them to later delete the tweet. 

Meanwhile, noticing the development, Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani while attacking the Congress party asked Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi that will he approve such derogatory activities against country’s head. As the controversy over further developed, the Congress party took a stand and rejected this particular defaming exercise against PM Modi by Youth Congress’s online magazine.

Further reacting to Yuva Desh’s tweet, BJP Youth Wing National General Secretary Abhijat Mishra further escalated the issue and put out a Facebook post attacking the youth Congress party. He wrote, “Youth Congress should note that a bar girl cannot dance after a certain age while a ‘chai-wala’ can sell tea for his entire life.”

All these political activities can be seen in the light of the upcoming high stake Gujarat assembly elections scheduled to take in December next month.

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