Friday, September 30, 2022

Petrol, Diesel prices hiked again for the sixth time in seven days

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In the last seven days, the price of petrol and diesel has been raised for the sixth time. After the revised price notification of state fuel retailers, the petrol-diesel will be now sold at ₹99.11 per litre and ₹90.42 per litre from today.

Delhi will now cost ₹ 99.41 and ₹ 90.77 for petrol and diesel respectively.

Mumbai will now cost petrol and diesel for₹ 114.19 per litre and ₹ 98.50 per litre respectively. The price in Chennai is now at ₹105.18 for petrol and ₹95.33 for diesel. Meanwhile, Kolkata will sell petrol and diesel at ₹ 108.85 and ₹ 93.92 respectively.

The rates were earlier held steady for four months considering the five state legislative elections.

Globally the oil prices have fallen to more than $3 today. This drop was seen after the global import hub- China’s, Shanghai was declared covid hotspot. Pertaining to this, China has declared a pause in its importation lines.

India is 85% dependent on global oil imports, therefore, the hike in international rates has caused this increase in the Indian rates.

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