The economy is in shambles, the automobile sector is going haywire, Parle-G fears layoff if its sales don’t improve. But our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman thinks that the Millenials are responsible for the economic slowdown saying that their reliance on cabs is why the auto sector has hit its worst growth phase.

Sitharaman categorically played the Millenial blame game by once again not accepting that the economy needs serious consideration by the government. The wit of our union ministers, especially this government is certainly reaching new heights every day. Sitharaman had set the benchmark with her millennial remarks, another to join the funnybones bandwagon is Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal who has asserted that one need not be fooled by number when it comes to calculating economic debacle. Then what should one rely on? Probably, ‘Achche Din’ rhetoric.

The Union Minister asked people not to get into the mathematics behind economic slowdown saying such things never helped ‘Einstein’ discover gravity. Basically, he meant apples were too impressed with ‘Einstein’s’ intelligence and fell down help him discover the law of attraction (pun intended). But, isn’t Newton the person to discover gravity? Slow claps for our union minister.

He said if the brilliant minds had only gone by structured formulas there would not have been any innovation. Well, what to say about our union ministers who are in a constant state of denial about the sluggish economic situation.

The minister later clarified to ANI that his statement was taken out of context.

The damage-control for illogical statements doesn’t seem to manifest anytime soon. Finance Minister Sitharaman though has admitted to the GDP situation that touched a six-year-low with 5 per cent in the month of June.

In an interview to The New Indian Express, she said the economic challenges are there and the government wasn’t denying them.  She asserted that the slow growth of auto, finance and real estate sectors has been in existence even before elections.

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