Sunday, August 14, 2022

PM meets Sikh delegation, calls it a ‘historic’ meeting

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met delegation from the Sikh community at his New Delhi residence on Friday. Following the meeting, members of the delegation conveyed their gratitude to the Prime Minister for the effort his administration has done (Seva) to protect Sikh interests.

Dr. Ruby Kaur Dhalla, the first Indian MP in Canada, told that the Prime Minister has had the opportunity to practice Seva on a daily basis.

Talking to media, Dr. Dhalla said, “Our Gurubani talks about seva (service), and we see that the Prime Minister has had the opportunity to exercise, not just believing in our Gurujis’ values and teachings, but also ensuring that he practices them on a daily basis.”

Dr. Dhalla further thanked PM Modi on behalf of the Sikh community around the world for listening and ensuring the seva for so many causes that are vital to Sikhs everywhere.

Meanwhile, Sony’s CEO, NP Singh also thanked PM Modi for inspiring them to contribute to the nation’s development.

According to Dr Sarabjit Kaur Sohal, President of Punjab Sahitya Academy, the Sikh community appreciated what the Prime Minister has done for them.

However, a social leader, Peter Virdee, recounted the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, saying that PM Modi has finally brought justice to the victims’ families after 30 years.

Earlier this evening, PM Modi noted that the Sikh community has become a significant link in India’s international ties.

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