Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday met Chinese President Xi Jinping for the third time in the past four months. The meeting took place on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg in South Africa. This year, the three-day BRICS Summit is taking place in South Africa while the agenda of the meetings is focussed on a US-led global trade war. BRICS countries are concerned after US President Donald Trump’s administration increased tariffs on the import of international goods. While both PM Modi and Xi Jinping met at the BRICS Summit, there were reports doing the rounds that according to US official, Beijing was quietly carrying out its activities in disputed region Doklam.

India and China have recently resolved the Doklam stand-off after both the countries shared months of tension at the disputed region. However, it was after a lot of diplomatic efforts and sensitive thinking, both the countries resolved the issue diplomatically, even when reports from the disputed region on activities being carried out there were not in good intention.

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Following that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited China and met President Xi Jinping, in order to boost ties with the neighbour and send out positive signals to the world that all was well between both the countries.

The two leaders had one-on-one informal discussions on various issues as the agenda of the meetings were not pre-decided. Both the leaders took a boat rides, visited iconic places and held discussions on a number of issues while at the same time it giving photo-op to the world to convey the message that both the countries were looking ahead for future ties and to carry a healthy relationship forward.

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