Prime Minister on Tuesday called 2019 the election wave different than 2014 one and said the two should not be compared. He said it would be unfair to weigh 2019 and 2014 election on the same parameters in an exclusive interview to India News and NewsX TV. The Prime Minister emphasized that he could serve the people only if BJP was voted to power again and that the 2019 Lok Sabha elections were defined by the people and not politicians. He said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will be returning to power with more seats this time and reaffirmed that mandate will decide the fate of not just country but BJP too.

The Prime Minister said usually elections are fought by candidates, party workers, and political parties but this election was neither being fought by Modi nor the candidates, but by the people of India and added that the 2019 elections were all about re-electing the government in power.

The BJP after its defeat in the 2018 State Assembly Election in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh had dragged the BJP in the backfoot, but with the Balakot air strikes, the party strongly bounced back. BJP’s political discourse for the 2019 elections is mainly centred around national security. The Pulwama attack on the CRPF personnel on February 14 saw some tough retaliation in the form of Balakot air strikes by the Indian Air Force (IAF) which certainly pooled in appreciation as well as support for BJP not just from people but opposition too.

The defeat in the 2018 state elections in the Hindi heartland had pushed the ball out of BJP’s court with the opposition calling it the beginning of BJP’s failure in the general election too. In fact, Prime Minister Modi and other senior leaders had also admitted to the anti-incumbency that led to its defeat, followed by the unfulfilled agrarian promises, especially the minimum support prices (MSPs) which were never raised by BJP.

But with the Balakot air strikes, the Prime Minister and the BJP have hit back as they proudly own up the successful execution of the air attack by IAF. Besides attacking Congress, the election rallies by PM and other BJP leaders mainly focused on the air strikes and national security.

Recently, the Prime Minister had made headlines for calling opposition the Khan market gang. From personal attacks to mudslinging, this election season has seen it all and PM Modi has been in limelight for his continuous jibes at the opposition.

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