After over a year of protests and multiple negotiations between the farmers and Centre, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended an olive branch by the big announcement of repealing the 3 contentious farm laws. As Centre gears to kickstart the formalities in the upcoming winter parliamentary session, several lawmakers in US, UK and Canada have now lauded the farmers for their victory and showing perseverance.

UK MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi tweeted that given the farmers protest valiant struggles, he is glad the controversial farm laws have been repealed. He further said sections of media and government who labeled farmers and their supporters as terrorists and separatists should apologise.

Nadia Whittome called it a huge victory and said there must be accountability and justice since “many were subjected to violence in the process by BJP supporters.” Claudia Webbe hailed the victory of Indian farmers stating that their cause was a righteous one and their moral authority. She went ahead to add that the farmers protest is an example to the world how injustice must be defeated.

Jeremy Corbyn pitched in by reacting to a tweet that stated that around 700 farmers were killed resisting police brutality in the Indian farmers’ movement and congratulated the farmers for winning an inspirational victory secured by more than a year of sustained protest.

Interestingly, it is not the first time that these politicians have tried to instigate Indians and poke their nose into India’s internal matter. Last year, MEA had to issue a statement stating that it is unfortunate to see vested groups trying to enforce their agenda on these protests and derail them. The MEA added that these protests must be seen in the context of India’s democratic ethos and polity and urged concerned foreign entities to ascertain facts and gain proper understanding of the issues before making any comment.