Ahead of the elections in Karnataka, the war of words between the BJP and the Congress has got intensified. While addressing a rally at mining baron Reddy’s turf, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pointed fingers at the ruling Siddamariah government and said that they have put the poll-bound Karnataka under the debt. The Prime Minister also accused the opposition for being disrespectful to the Bellary Empire. “Your enthusiasm and zeal shows that the Congress is going to lose the last castle. Karnataka has ‘siddha rupaiya’ government, and this government has put the state under debt. The account of Congress ministers are swelling when the state is in debt. The people of Karnataka need an answer. Vijaynagar has taught how to stand against the tyrants and invaders. Due to its political selfishness congress party has disrespected the Bellary Empire. Bellary is being targeted like thieves and thugs, which is an insult of people of the town”.

Criticising the Congress for failing to develop the region in the span of four long years, PM Modi said that the Congress which was then headed by Sonia Gandhi had promised to invest a whopping amount of Rs 3000 crore for the development of the state. He further boasted about his party (BJP) and claimed that all the promises such as building modern roads and hospitals have been fulfilled.  “…Sonia ji promised Rs 3,000 crore for development, but nothing happened. BJP promised a package of Rs 2,000 crore and things were seen on the ground. Roads were built and hospitals were made”.

Accusing the Congress of misleading the reserved section in the poll-bound state, the Prime Minister further stated that during the last Assembly Elections, the opposition had earlier promised to make Lok Sabha member Mallikarjun Kharge as the Chief Minister but later sidelined him after the results.

Talking about the diversity of leaders during the reign of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, PM Modi said that his party made Dr APJ Kalam, a Muslim, the President of India. “We also gave India a Dalit president, a person from a humble background. BJP gave India a woman Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, and that too from Tamil Nadu”, he added.

These statements from the Prime Minister came just a few hours after Congress President Rahul Gandhi gave ‘F’ grade to him for failing to address the issue of agrarian crisis in Karnataka. Gandhi had posted a detailed chart explaining the failure of the Centre. Gandhi scion, in a Tweet, said, “Prime Minister’s crop insurance scheme has made the farmers suffer while filling the coffers of the private insurance companies that have made huge profits”.

Elections for the 224-member Assembly will be held on May 12, and results will be declared on the May 15, 2018.

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