Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild will be broadcasted on August 12 at 9 pm. In the latest video, PM Narendra Modi said to Grylls his culture is not allowing him to kill anyone. The words by PM Modi has caught the interest of the audience in a positive way. People are of the opinion that this is the way PM Modi is capable of.

In the video, PM Modi and Grylls ca be seen in the Corbett National Park. Both can be seen discussing a variety of subjects including wildlife, country’s cleanliness, and PM’s sojourn into the Himalayas during his youth days.

In the video, Grylls talking about Indian wildlife and how India is home to some of the deadly predators. PM Modi also talks about several important things about nature. He said people should not struggle against nature as everything is dangerous and even humans.

Reacting over the spear when Grylls teaches him how to defend himself in case a wild animal approaches, PM Modi said the culture will not allow him to kill anyone but he will keep the spear with himself as Grylls has asked him to do.

On asking about country’s cleanliness, he said personal hygiene is something which he had taught from the very young age. He has also taught the same to his friends also.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be sharing screen space with Bear Grylls, a celebrity host, on Man vs Wild on Discovery Channel. The special episode is slated to be broadcast on August 12. The special programme will be showcased in more than 180 countries across the globe. This is the first time any Prime Minister from India is showcased in Man vs Wild.

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