Former Delhi Chief Minister and Congress unit head Sheila Dikshit on Thursday stunned her own party when she described Prime Minister Narendra Modi as stronger than former PM Manmohan how Singh in tackling the terrorism. Although she added that such strong steps are just for the sake of upcoming elections. Former Delhi CM said that it has to be agreed that Manmohan Singh was not as strong in dealing with terrorism as the current Prime Minister is.

While replying to a question on Congress-led UPA government’s stand after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, former Delhi CM made the statement which left Congress red-faced. However, a few hours later, she clarified saying that her statement was taken out of context. Sheila Dixit said if something is taken out of context, then she can’t say anything about it.

Clarifying her stand Sheila Dikshit, in a Tweet, said that some media houses have twisted her comments made in an interview. She repeated what she meant saying it may seem to some people that PM Narendra Modi is stronger on terror but she thinks that this all is just a poll gimmick. She added that national security has always been a concern and former PM Indira Gandhi has been a strong leader.

A few days ago, while addressing a public rally in Ghaziabad’s Hindon, PM Modi had said that erstwhile UPA government did injustice to the armed forces by failing to act against terrorism after the ghastly 26/11 Mumbai attacks. PM had added that India Forces had demanded a free hand from the Manmohan Singh government to avenge the Mumbai attacks but they were not allowed.

As Sheila Dikshit’s statement went viral, this is how tweeple reacted:

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