PM Narendra Modi speech at UNGA LIVE: The 74 session of the United Nations General Assembly debate has been started at the UN Headquarters in New York. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be delivering his speech in a few minutes. According to the list of the speakers, PM Modi has been named on 4th position after Mauritius President Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory, Vice-President of Indonesia Muhammad Jusuf Kalla and Lesotho’s PM Thomas Motsoahae Thabane.

The world leaders would be talking about be some common issues like betterment of education, women empowerment, trade, globalisation, infrastructure development in rural areas, fight with poverty and others. Fight against terrorism would be one of the most important and among common problem which all leaders may talk about.

Before delivering the speech Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) shared some pictures from the UNGA where India would be sitting. “All set for the UN General Assembly session,” PMO tweeted.

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India to use right to reply

After the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's speech at the UNGA, India has used its right to reply to Pakistan to expose the incorrect facts and baseless allegations Imran Khan has levelled.

PM Modi speech LIVE at UNGA

One 125 years ago, Swammy Vivekanand gave the message of harmony and peace in Chicago, the United Nation. The Prime Minister also said India have given the World Buddha, not terror and war. India will combat against terrorism with sincerity.

PM Modi speech LIVE at UNGA

India has been raising its voice against terrorism. This is a big problem for the entire world and humanity. For the sake of humanity, the world should join hands. India's has contributed immensely to the UN's Peace-keeping missions.

PM Modi speech LIVE at UNGA

On the global warming issue, PM Modi said India has been making its contribution by planting millions of trees.

PM Modi speech LIVE at UNGA

In the next 5 years, India would be TB-free country. The motto is 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas', said PM Modi. Collective efforts are needed to address serious global challenges and issues.

PM Modi speech LIVE at UNGA

PM Modi says we draw inspiration from our duties and do collective efforts for the development of the nation, and the entire world. He says efforts are by us and results will be fruitful for the world.

PM Modi speech LIVE at UNGA

PM Modi talks about the sanitation program, steps against corruption and plans for development in India. He said use of single-hand plastic has been banned in India to save the environment.

PM Modi starts his speech

PM Modi says the world will witness 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who gave the message of peace and prosperity. PM Modi says the world's largest democracy has given him the mandate and he is willing to take the country to new heights.

Indian gathered outside UN Headquarters

To listen to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, hundreds of Indians have gathered outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York. People have been holding banners and posters in support of PM Modi and against terror-supporting nation Pakistan.

PM Modi to speak at UNGA shortly

Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be addressing the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) shortly. Right now, Lesotho’s PM Thomas Motsoahae Thabane is speaking at the UNGA. He talked about building strong global relations for a better tomorrow.

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