A website called twitteraudit.com has come up with a survey based on the some of the most followed world leaders and their share of fake followers. According to the graphics prepared by Alex Kliment and GZERO Media says that 60% of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi total followers on Twitter are fake. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Twitter handle @narendramodi has 40.3 million followers. The report has also featured world leaders like United States’ President Donald Trump, Pope Francis, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, Kim Kardashian. The report suggests that out of 47.9 million followers of Donald Trump Twitter handle, 37% are fake followers.

The survey concluded that Pope Francis has about 59% fake Twitter followers. President of Mexico, Pena Nieto is followed by 47% forged followers. Currently, Mexico’s President has 7.08 million followers on its Twitter handle @epn. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has 6.78 followers on the Twitter and out of which only 8% are fake. The official Twitter handle of King Salman is @kingsalman. The report is determined by TwitterAudit’s algorithm, which factors in the number of tweets, date of the last tweet, and ratios of followers to friends.

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American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift Twitter account has 19% fake Twitter followers. Swift is followed by 85.6 million followers on its official Twitter handle @taylorswift13. American television personality Kim Kardashian’s 44% twitter followers are fake. Kim is followed by 58.8 million followers on its Twitter account @kimkardashian. The graphics were posted on Twiplomacy Twitter account @Twiplomacy. Twiplomacy is a part of Burson-Marsteller study about digital diplomacy, refers to Twitter being used as a medium by government agencies and officials to engage in diplomacy.

Recently, a news agency scrutinised Congress party president Rahul Gandhi Twitter account and drew a shocking conclusion that Rahul’s resurgence has some unknown followers supporting the case. A close analysis of his Twitter account showed most of the retweets flowing in from various foreign users from the countries like Indonesia and Russia majorly were from fake accounts.

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