Raja Farooq Haider, ‘Prime Minister’ of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) has strongly warned the Pakistan government to stop their interference in the forthcoming general elections. POK Prime Minister, Raja Farooq Haider accused Imran Khan Government of destroying and violating the constitution of the occupied region. He also questioned Imran khan of considering the people of occupied region as “slaves”.

He said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan and his ministers blatantly ‘destroying and violating the constitution of the occupied region’. I want to place my case before the people of POK”.

Mr. Haider claimed that he and his party were destined to form government one more time in POK region in these upcoming elections. He added “This has made Imran Khan worried and because of that he is denting the constitution in Pakistan occupied Kashmir”.

On Sunday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan attacked the opposition parties and urged voters in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir to vote for the leader who is honest and trustworthy in the upcoming Assembly polls on July 25. He added, “Nation which do not make the distinction between right and wrong, “first die a moral death and then an economic one”.

Amid the surge in new covid19 cases, the general elections for the Legislative Assembly will be held on 25th July. Last year, Pakistan conducted Assembly elections in Gilgit-Baltistan Region.