Power Outage Disrupts Operations at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport

Travelers reported that the T3 terminal was heavily congested during the outage, with the DigiYatra system and check-in counters rendered non-operational.

A power outage at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi caused significant disruptions to the fuctioning of the airport resulting in the inconvenience in the process of boarding and check-in services for a brief period of time. The incident largely impacted the Terminal 3 (T3) and led to a substantial inconvenience for the passengers who were looking forward to their flights at the point in time.

According to reports, the passengers stated that the T3 terminal was heavily congested due to the power outage. With the DigiYatra system and check-in counters rendered non-operational, the process of boarding was made significantly challenging. One passenger expressed their frustration on the social media platform X, stating,“T3 terminal #delhi #airport totally chocked due to power failure! No counter, No digi yatra , nothing functioning. This is shocking.”

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In response to the feedback as well as the complaints from the various passengers, Delhi airport authorities acknowledged the issue and confirmed that they had alerted the concerned team to address the situation and rectify it. An airport official provided further details on the impact of the power outage on the airport operations. He explained that the power outage lasted for two to three minutes before the backup systems were activated. Essential services, including baggage loading at boarding gates, DigiYatra, and air-conditioning systems, were quickly restored.“Due to the high AC load, it took a couple of minutes to return to full-power. Systems like the Digi Yatra rebooted again and were operational soon after,” the official added. He also further reassured that the flight operations were not impacted by the incident.