The Central Bureau of Investigation on Sunday interrogated 4 members of the Gurugram Police Special Investigation Team (SIT) that was probing the case of Ryan International School student Pradyuman Thakur. The CBI team which was curious to find out how some major details from the case were not identified by the police who also misinterpreted several clues.  CBI took over the investigation of the case on September 22, after Pradyuman’s father had demanded a fully fledged investigation dissatisfied by the police’s probe. 

The SIT team of the Gurugram Police were the first ones to investigate Pradyuman’s killing and had on the day of the incident arrested the school bus conductor almost asserting him as the main culprit. There was no mention of the accused 16-year-old class 11th student in their reports. However, the Gurugram Police maintained that they had to give up the investigation in an initial phase and they had strictly followed probe procedure and had scrutinized the CCTV footages and other school students and staff members during the probe.

As per a TOI report, the 4 SIT members called by the CBI for questioning were an ACP, an inspector, a sub-inspector and a low key official. The investigation agency has however not yet confirmed about the interrogation. “There were many clues which a cop won’t normally miss,” a CBI officer said on Monday. “We’re not alleging anything as yet, but we’re definitely curious about how investigating officials missed or misinterpreted these,” the officer added.

Meanwhile, Ashok Kumar the bus conductor who had been arrested as the main culprit in the case has filed a bail petition in the court, the court will take up the plea on November 16. After almost 2 months of probe in the controversial murder case, CBI had concluded that not the bus conductor but a 16-year-old class 11 student is the main culprit. The agency revealed that the crime was executed by the teenager to postpone a parent-teacher meeting and examination. CBI had also obtained the knife which was used as the sole weapon in the murder, the officials also reconstructed the crime scene by taking the class 11 student back to the crime spot and the shop from where he brought the knife.

Earlier on Friday, CBI sources revealed that the accused teenager had researched about the use of poison and the process of erasing fingerprints on the internet. The Juvenile Justice Board had directed CBI to allow child welfare committee (CWC) to probe the social activities of the murder suspect and profile his behaviour, likings and followings on the social front. The CWC has been given 15 days time to submit the report.

Pradyuman Thakur, a 7-year-old Ryan International School class 2nd student was found murdered with his throat slit near the school’s toilet. A class 11th student was arrested by CBI in the case and was declared as the main culprit after he admitted to the crime in front of his father and other witnesses. Meanwhile, the father of the murder culprit denied allegations on his son and claimed that his son was thrashed and tortured by CBI officials to accept the crime.

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