In yet another big achievement for iTV network, the company’s Group Human Resource (HR) Head and President Shikha Rastogi has won the Leadership Excellence award through best use of social collaboration at LEAD 2018. The award ceremony was held in Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States of America. Along with this award, Shikha Rastogi has also been honoured with “Exemplary women leadership award” by the WWLC 2017 for demonstrating excellent leadership and management skills in the organisation and for making changes and achieving results. Shikha Rastogi holds an extensive experience with Media, Telecom, IT and ITES business operations spread across multiple geographies in India, US & South East Asian Countries.

Her journey with iTV network has been successful and full of achievements. She helped the iTV network to maintain a perfect balance between productivity and performance and established a benchmark for the coming times. As a future-focused leader, she has played an active role in coaching every leader and workgroup to achieve a milestone of success. She has created and nurtured winning teams through collaborations and consultations with colleagues from all kinds of backgrounds and geographies. In the years to come, her vision is to create a resilient and agile workforce, bring unique and innovative transformations to change culture, behaviour and ways of people functioning, and at the same time concurrently building organisational capabilities and culture of performance excellence.

She is adept at actively building agile, high performing organisations of the future through an integration of collaborative people network with organisational objectives and ecosystems. iTV Network owned by Kartikeya Sharma is India’s fastest growing news network, with 3 national news channels, 5 regional news channels, 2 newspapers and various digital assets. It employs more than bureaus/offices and has more than 106 live video sources. The Network has a cumulative reach of more than 122+ million viewers and readers on a regular basis.

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