After Gujarat Patidar leader Hardik Patel’s alleged sex tape went viral on social media putting him under the scanner, the young political influence has now decided to take legal action against the privacy infringement. At least four ‘intimate’ video clips of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader has been put on in open on social media. In one of the leaked videos, a man who strongly resembles the Patidar leader Hardik Patel is seen having a mischievous conversation alongside two unknown men and a female, who is casually wrapped up in his arms. In what appears to be a hotel room, the 4 people can be seen having a good time.

In May this year, Hardik Patel along with some other PAAS youth leaders had decided to shave their head to protest against the killings of Patidar leaders in police action during quota agitation. In one of the footages which have recently surfaced on the internet, the three men shown in the video with a woman are all bald and it appears like the video has been captured after the protest staged by the PAAS leaders against the Gujarat government. However, the authenticity of the footages is not yet verified.

Earlier expressing his angst over the alleged sex tape release, Hardik Patel said, politics in Gujarat is turning ‘dirty’. “Now dirty politics has begun, I don’t mind anyone trying to defame me but Gujarat women are being insulted,” he tweeted. Blaming the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for infringing on his privacy, Hardik Patel has warned legal action. “They (BJP) love to peep into the personal lives of others. As their 22-year-old ‘vikas’ (development agenda) stands exposed, they are trying to expose a 23-year-old boy. I will consult my lawyers and file a complaint soon against perpetrators of this sex CD,” he told TOI.


However, Hardik says these revelations won’t affect Patidar agitation and that the PAAS will continue to fight for the rights of the minorities. While some young leaders came in support of the Patidar leader, others claimed whether or not he is being framed the footages are going to tarnish his image in front of the supporters. Congress leader Jignesh Mewani voiced his support for Hardik Patel, “Dear Hardik Patel, don’t worry. I am with you. And right to sex is a fundamental right. No one has right to breach your privacy,” Mewani tweeted.

Earlier in his campaigns, Hardik had hinted at such movements and had warned his followers that the BJP might try to defame him and days after his private footages are doing rounds on the internet.  “I had been saying for some time that all such dirty things, including such a video, would be flung at me, but I don’t care and I will continue my fight against the BJP,” Hardik Patel was quoted as saying after he was blamed for the ‘intimate video’.’

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