Pune was helping his driver in changing the tyre of the cab and during that time a private bus hit them from the back and both of them died on spot. There were two more doctors over there, they also got massive injuries. The incident happened in Pune, last Sunday. It had been reported that the accident was cruel, people who witnessed the accident are still in shock.

It happened near the place called Somantane village it was about 10:30 in the morning when the cruel incident occurred. The police reported that the other doctors got a lot of injuries where the Doctor and the cab driver died on the spot and the bus driver did not even stop to help.

The cab driver stopped the car in the village because there was some problem in the tyre later he got to that it was a tyre puncher so Doctor Khurjekar came out to help him but unfortunately the bus ran over them.  It was also reported that the Doctors took the cab from Mumbai to Pune and The doctor who killed in the accident was a spine expert and renowned surgeon and other two doctors were orthopedic.

The doctor came out with full gentle gestures to help the cab driver named Dhyaneshwar Bhosale who was just 27 years and the doctor was reported 44 years. They were traveling to Pune from Mumbai and the cab’s tyre got punctured so the doctor decided to hp him because there was no help all around. But he paid his life to help somebody.

India lost such a capable doctor in an accident as he had done 3500 complicated surgeries which were all successful. He was the gold medalist and was running the Spine Surgery department as the Head Of The Department. He was working in Sancheti Hospital. An inspector who is looking over the accident Talegaon Dabhade 


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