Union Minister of State (MoS) for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Anantkumar Hegde has said people in India should win the entire world and make it Aryan. In an undated video doing the rounds on social media, the minister can be seen rousing the audience to rise in bringing back Mount Kailash and the river Ganga delta back under Indian control. The minister, who is known for making controversial statements against the Constitution, told the assembled audience that they are welcome to join him and his movement.

“If not, you are on your own. But if you come in our way, we will stamp you and move ahead, this is used to be our attitude, but now it is not so. If you want to come, join us, else, we will carry you with us,” he said in Kannada.

Harping on the call for inclusion, Hegde said everyone must move together and even if one doesn’t feel like joining in, they will be perforce picked up and taken along. The minister said this is Indian tradition and the demand reflects the confidence of the people.

On the plan to make the whole world Aryan, he said there is no way anyone can beg or escape from the call. He said, time has given us a chance to fulfil the duty (unspecified) and that the assembled and he himself should remind everyone of incidents cut off from “our generation and make the light of our aim burn in their hearts. If not today, at least tomorrow the credit should be ours”.

He said the current generation should be reminded that Mt. Kailash is not under Indian control, nor is the place where the river Ganga meets the ocean, which it should rightfully be.

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Hegde told the people that these should be the main dreams of the current generation. He mocked the career-conscious youth, “Becoming a software engineer, going abroad, having a deposit of Rs 1 crore or even having a house in the United States should not be the dream.”

Even though the video is undated, it should be noted that the BJP failed in securing a victory in the local body elections in Karnataka, the results of which are showing a clear Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) landslide.

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Hegde’s exhortation also comes to light a week after the Pune Police ended up saying the ruling Narendra Modi government is fascist in nature, a fact not dismissed by any minister or BJP spokesperson.

The Mount Kailash peak (Gang Rinpoche in Tibetan) lies in the Kailash range, a part of the Transhimalayas now in the Tibet Autonomous Region under Chinese control. The Ganga delta and basin, as is well-known, lies in Bangladesh which was liberated by India in 1971 from Pakistani control.

Regarding the grand call for setting out on a world Aryan conquest, the minister should possibly read the cover story in a news weekly which says 4,500-year-old DNA found in Rakhigarhi is Dravidian and puts the Aryan invasion into India theory back on a strong, scientific footing.

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