In order to bring a strong law to fight drug menace in the state, the Punjab government on Monday said that it was preparing to forward the recommendation of the death penalty to drug peddling or anyone found in smuggling to the Centre. The move by the Punjab government will be made with the objective to punish drug peddlers which are destroying the entire generations. The government said that drug peddlers deserve an exemplary punishment. The state government on Monday decided to send a formal recommendation to the Centre over the death penalty for drug peddlers and smugglers.

Speaking on the move made by the Punjab government, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that the recommendation is being forwarded to Centre. Since this is destroying generations, therefore it deserves exemplary punishment. “I stand by my commitment for drug-free Punjab,” Punjab CM said.

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Addressing the issue, former Law Secretary PK Malhotra said that there are offences for which one has to set strict punishment. He added that drug peddling, smugglers is a very serious offence and it’s against society. The former Law Secretary PK Malhotra further said that the recommendation made by Punjab government needs to be seriously considered.

Reports say that Punjab is one of the worst-hit states by drugs, drug peddlers and is a serious problem in the state. It was one of the main poll agenda which was pushed by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the last assembly elections in the state. The party said that the then SAD-BJP government was unable to control drug peddlers and smuggling in the state. 

The Congress party also took up the issue and said that it will come to power then it will take strict action against the problem.

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