From demanding dowry to sitting on the chair of Delhi police SHO and making a mockery of the law, self proclaimed god woman Radhe Maa has been the center of attraction for not just being a spiritual leader as the self-styled god woman has been a typical controversial character who has crossed all the possible limits of gross indecency. With that, she is back with a bang as the self-proclaimed god woman is now back at the top of the mountain by making headlines after, she was seen shaking a leg with her entourage at an undisclosed event in a video which is doing rounds in social media. 

In the video, Radhe Maa is apparently having a great time during an undisclosed event and then out of the blue, she is being grabbed by an unknown individual as they both continue their dance which was termed as ‘vulgar’ by many as soon as the video hit the internet.  

Radhe Maa has never been a stranger to controversies, last week a Delhi based lawyer filed a police complaint against self-styled god woman Radhe Maa for sitting on the chair of a SHO in an east Delhi police station and “insulting” the police fraternity. Advocate Gaurav Gulati in the police complaint said that Radhe Maa has created ‘mockery of law’. 

The controversial picture of the self-styled god woman sitting in the seat of SHO first surfaced on 5 October where police personnel inside the station were seen folding their hands. The complaint stressed the fact that Radhe Maa has been a controversial character and always in news, making headlines for her wrongdoings and this time ‘she has crossed all the limits of morality’. ‘’Even if it can be presumed that she was allowed to sit on the seat of the SHO, it does not minimise her offence,” the complaint read. “Radhe Maa is liable for criminal conspiracy/ criminal trespass/ defamation and also to spoil the image of Delhi Police nationwide,” Gulati said.