While the fast moving world of the 21st century has given us less time to reflect upon our own talents, some people do really shine out of the crowd with their own hard work and struggle. It is said some kids are born with a silver spoon, some with a golden spoon or some with no spoon at all, it is the talent of harnessing the opportunities which make us different.

Being raised up in a lower-middle-class family from Chakrajali Village in Bihar, Brajesh Kumar Singh has set a perfect precedent for the world that hardwork and dedication are the key to success.

The journey of a common person born ‘without a silver spoon’ has never been a smooth one, and Brajesh was no exception. Today, he is a famous blogger and a renowned personality in the media and marketing industry having worked with well-known brands like Max Bupa, Croma, Mivi and Cadbury amongst others, and one would find it hard to believe that at one point in his life he was attending to customers working in a general store and selling vegetables.

We always have two choices in life: either accept the new normals and surrender to challenging situations, or take it head on and try making the most out of it as much as possible. The difference between achievers and losers comes with this inherent mindset choice, carving out one’s future. Naturally, Brajesh chose the latter.

Today, he is a successful blogger and owns several tech and lifestyle blogs, such as feedknock.com and trickdefined.com. Alongside that, he is a campaign strategist in the field of digital marketing. He is currently working with the engineering and science services giant Mercedez Benz (via KPIT).

Brajesh’s story starts like most of us: a science student in school, often a high-achiever, who wanted to crack JEE but couldn’t get sufficient marks to get into an IIT. However, it was nothing that could stop him; he went on to clear the WBJEE (West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam) landing in a reputed Engineering college in the state’s capital city Kolkata. Much like an average middle-class family, financial aid has been his Achilles’ heel. But this Bihari Achilles was built different, and secured his goals with his talented and bold moves. When issues with his student loan arose, Brajesh even approached the Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr. Nitish Kumar, and the luck resolved. Grit, determination, and courage, are the major lessons we can learn from the very talented Mr. Brajesh.

During these years of his life, he learnt about the world of blogging, which intrigued him in a different way, and the opportunities it packed inside. Developing his interest and work into this field, Brajesh was able to secure placements with the renowned consulting firm Capgemini, giving wings to his career and ambitions. However, this was just a start. Currently, he is planning to launch his book titled ‘Blogging-O-Pedia: A Quick Guide to Start Your Successful Career in Blogging’ on Amazon.

As Brajesh moved up the ladder of success in his life, things began to fall smoothly into its place. He also bagged many awards there such as PAT on the BACK; and ‘STAR Award for best Customer Delivery’. Adding more feathers to his cap, he has also been nominated for the Global Young Leaders Fellowship and Karamveer Chakra awards. Brajesh is a living example that there is indeed no substitute for hard work in order to become successful. Come what may, all that matters in life is determination and the willingness to work.