Rahul Gandhi claims new word added to the English dictionary, and it has to do a lot with PM Modi lies: “There is a new word in the English Dictionary,” read the recent tweet posted by Congress president Rahul Gandhi via his Twitter handle. The new word, claims Rahul Gandhi, is Modilie, which seems a direct attack at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over lying to the people across India. The Congress chief has also attached a snapshot of the entry to the English Living Dictionaries. The word is defined as a noun which means to constantly modify the truth, to lie incessantly and habitually, and to lie without respite.

It has not been long since the Gandhi tweeted the post and it already garnered over 1000 retweets and 3,232 likes. However, the word has was not found in any online dictionary, making it Congress scion Rahul Gandhi’s fresh attack at PM Modi. The tweet has already recieved a massive response from the Twitterati. Here’s take a look at the tweet and the comments on it: 

A few days back, PM Modi faced huge criticism after he claimed that the clouds and heavy rain prevented Pakistani radars from detecting Indian fighter jets during the Balakot air strikes. He further went on to say that it was he who asked the military to go ahead while they were in a dilemma. 

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