It seems Vijay Mallya’s claim that he met Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to “settle matters” before he left India has given a political opportunity to the Congress to attack the BJP. Hours after he made claims outside the London’s Westminster Magistrates’ court, Congress president Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter and called allegations made by Vijay Mallya very serious. He further asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to order an independent probe into the matter. He also asked Arun Jaitley’s resignation as Finance Minister over Vijay Mallya’s claims.

His remark comes hours Finance Minister Arun Jaitley issued a clarification over the matter in his Facebook post. The Union Minister said he had never given him any appointments for any meeting since 2014.

“Given Vijay Mallya’s extremely serious allegations in London today, the PM should immediately order an independent probe into the matter. Arun Jaitley should step down as Finance Minister while this probe is underway,” said Rahul Gandhi on Twitter.