Continuing his attack on the government, Congress President, Rahul Gandhi, blasted External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, for her statement in parliament yesterday on the Doklam standoff with China, while referring to the reports of construction work in Doklam and now even in Shangskam Valley in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Sushma Swaraj had asserted in Lok Sabha that the Doklam face-off was resolved through “diplomatic maturity” and there was “not an iota of change” in status quo on the ground.

“Amazing how a lady like Sushma ji has buckled and prostrated herself in front of Chinese power. Absolute subservience to the leader means our brave jawan has been betrayed on the border,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

Gandhi’s tweet referred to a PTI story in Outlook magazine that revealed that the Chinese have resumed activity in Doklam and neither India or Bhutan trying to dissuade it.

The Centre has denied any construction in the region amid reports of China building a road in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

According to the report in Outlook, China has finished an all-weather road in Shaksgam which lies north of Siachen and China and the construction work has been on since the crisis.

Chinese activities in Dolkam were recently discussed during a US Congressional hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee for Asia and the Pacific when Congresswoman Ann Wagner posed a question to a State Department official.

Tensions between India and China were on all-time high during the 73-day standoff in Dolkam over Bejing’s construction of a road near Bhutan’s border. The standoff ended after both sides agreed to disengage.

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