Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday addressed the Indian Journalists’ Association in London and said that the two problems which India has to accept are its job crisis and solving agriculture distress. Hitting hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his government’s foreign policy, Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister takes it like an event. He said, “There is no structure. Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj spends most of her time in making VISAs, that’s not her job as a Foreign Minister. She has been humiliated on every count.”

Rahul Gandhi said that he views himself as fighting an ideological battle and realised after 2014 that there is a risk to the Indian State. “The important thing about me is I can see through hate and I’m proud of that.”

The Congress scion further hit out at PM Modi and asked, “Will he accept the invitation from the Indian Journalists’ Association? No, he will not do it. You must figure out why he won’t.” Speaking on PM Modi’s criticism to UPA’s MNREGA scheme, Rahul Gandhi said, “Modi sees MNREGA as a handout to people. It’s not. It’s an economic strategy that provides minimum wages, but he doesn’t understand this.”

“The solutions are there, but, you kill the solutions because you don’t want to go through the rigour of actually developing the solutions. We are one country. Everybody has brought us to this place, we will carry everybody forward. We will not leave anyone behind,” Congress chief said.

Speaking on newly-elected Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Rahul Gandhi said, “The problem with Pakistan is deep-seated. There is no guarantee that a PM in Pakistan has the support of all the institutions of the country.”

The Congress chief who has recently addressed a number of public sessions in the past couple of days, on Saturday said that the ability to transform 1.3 billion people like the Chinese, but with no violence. That is a beautiful thing. “We have serious challenges coming from the Chinese. We have to focus on that,” he added.

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Slamming PM Modi’s bullet train project, Rahul Gandhi said, “Modi himself said that the bullet train is not important, the world has to see that we can make a bullet train. It’s all about perception, not the truth. That stuff doesn’t work. If we were offered the bullet train money by the Japanese, our response would have been — give us the money and help us strengthen Indian railway infrastructure. The bullet train isn’t moving. You can have a fancy poster of a bullet train, but the cost of a ticket in a bullet train is more than an airline ticket.”

“By the consensus among all leaders of Opposition parties, the emphasis is that the RSS is systematically attacking organisations and placing their people into them, and nothing is going to come between us in defending them. We need a coalition building where every stakeholder is heard,” Congress chief Rahul Gandhi added. 

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Highlights of Rahul Gandhi’s interaction with Indian Journalists’ Association in London

  • The important thing about me is I can see through hate and I’m proud of that.
  • I can completely disagree with you, fight you on every step and yet respect you. That’s the nature of my country. It’s sad that many do not see that today.
  • The problem with foreign affairs in Indian government is that there is a complete lack of strategy, only ad-hocism.
  • The ability to transform 1.3 billion people like the Chinese, but with no violence. That is a beautiful thing.
  • The entire world is in a flux. The underlying reason for this is how to get jobs for our youngsters in the 21st century.
  • Demonetisation was a fine example of only one mind voicing the opinion. There is a complete disrespect for the Indian institutions when an entire Cabinet is locked in a room and one man takes a decision. Relationships with Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan have all failed.

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