Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi seems to seem to be under Opposition’s ire, after Union minister Giriraj Singh claimed that Congress’ Rahul Gandhi has ‘no knowledge regarding the history or geography of the country’. Giriraj Singh also alleged that Rahul Gandhi, just like other actors, is fond of reading scripts. However, reacting to the allegations leveled by Giriraj Singh, Uttar Pradesh Congress alleged that since the state has seen no development under Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rule, its leaders are leveling absurd statements.

While speaking to the reporters, Giriraj Singh said that Rahul Gandhi likes reading scripts. “Like film actors, Rahul is fond of reading written scripts. He does not have knowledge of history and geography of India,” he added.

The BJP leader Giriraj Singh who is known for his controversial comments also claimed that the government is leaving no stone unturned in delivering its promises. He also said that Ram Temple will be constructed in Ayodhya.

Responding to media questions relating to Ram Temple, Giriraj Singh said, “Ram Temple will be constructed and I am 200% sure that Muslims and Hindu will jointly build it.” Speaking in the tone of unity, the BJP leader said, “The ancestors of both are the same though religion has changed.”

Hitting out on Congress over their employment remark, BJP leader Giriraj Singh said that he opposition do not have any issues left to question the ruling government. He also accused Rahul Gandhi of falsely claiming, in foreign countries, that job opportunities had decreased in the country. Terming Rahul Gandhi’s remark, false, the BJP leader Giriraj Singh said, “The reality is that under the PM Mudra scheme, 9 crore persons have got jobs.”

He also attacked the Congress party claiming, “If the policies of Congress, which ruled the country for over 60 years, had been good, why it would have got reduced to 20 per cent of the area when the BJP has spread in 75 per cent of the area.” Hailing that no corruption charge has yet been leveled against any BJP leader, Giriraj Singh referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Na khaunga na khane dunga” (Won’t indulge in corruption nor will I allow anyone) remark and claimed that the past 3 years had proved this.