Congress president Rahul Gandhi lost a large number of followers on Twitter, say reports. Rahul Gandhi followership tanked after microblogging site Twitter removed around 70 million fake accounts. As per reports, Rahul Gandhi lost 12, 974 Twitter followers. As per the latest figures on Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account, around 7.22 million Twitter users are following the young leader.

Briefing the matter, a Twitter spokesperson said that company has done a clean up on the micro-blogging site. We do not have any numbers available right now and this clean up will surely help the users.  He also added that the new protections policy has helped Twitter to prevent more than 50,000 fake signups per day.

A few months ago, Rahul Gandhi had retweeted US president Donal Trump’s tweet praising American-Pakistani relations.
Launching a scattering attack on PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi had said ‘Modi ji quick, looks like Trump needs another hug’. Rahul Gandhi’s tweet was quickly retweeted 20,000 times and reached the mark of 30,000 with-in the few hours. After a close analysis of the tweet, it was alleged the bots with a Russian, Kazakh or Indonesian characteristic sharing the Congress chief’s Tweet.

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“After the Twitter clean-up drive, the company removed around 70 million fake accounts to improve the technology,” said a Twitter spokesperson. He also added that currently, the company is eyeing to remove 214% more spam and fake accounts. The new protection policy is helping to prevent more than 50,000 spammy signups per day.

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