Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday addressed a gathering at Bucerius Summer School, Hamburg and spoke about India’s history, the transition which the people of India had gone through since the time of Independence, about the caste system and its existence in the villages, the situation of people of lower class and how the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government was ruling the country. Hitting out at the present BJP-led government, Rahul Gandhi said, “As we transform, the government should help its people smoothen their life during their traumatic change, so far all the previous governments have been doing this until the previous government which came in 2014.

Slamming the Modi regime, Rahul Gandhi said, “The guaranteed employment scheme, right to food, right to information, bank nationalisation were some of the ideas that all governments held through. Now, these ideas are damaged to a great extent.”

Raking the issue of atrocities against Dalits, Rahul Gandhi said, “The Dalits, minorities, tribals are now not allowed to gain from the government. All the money that used to go into schemes for the poor is now going to a few large corporates.” Rahul Gandhi said that the law to protect people from Dalit communities was now being weakened. 

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Rahul Gandhi also said that 70 years ago, when India was locked up in thousands of villages. India was a rural country where people lived in a caste driven society. The idea of driving change and modernity and urbanisation was the same as that in China. But the method they used was different than used in India. In India, we chose the organic route while China movement was centralised, violent up to an extent.

The Congress chief said mentioned that he was an alumnus at the Bucerius Summer School. “Those were good days and I learned a lot.”

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During his address, Rahul Gandhi said that in India, people used to live in a caste society. There were rigid rules for the people of the lower class and they also had very limited mobility. After the Independence, India started a journey. The transition from rural to urban society took place. It has gone through a transition of imagination, vision, ideas. Initially, the transition was slow but along with the time, it picked up speed.

Rahul Gandhi said that during the transition period, the people of India have broken the ideas of caste. However, he added that the country should not tansform istelft for few people, or for one community. 

During his address, the Congress chief also raised Modi demonetisation and criticised several other government reforms. Rahul Gandhi also talked about the Vietnam war and said that one can disagree with somebody but in a connected world, you have to listen to others … when one listens to different people and try to understand where they are coming from, they can get a hell lot of work done.

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