The 2019 Lok Sabha elections are underway, so is the campaign. At a rally in Kerala’s Kozhikode, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi him of polarising the country between the rich and the jobless. Hitting out at PM Modi-led government further Rahul said that Modi has only respect for Anil Ambani as his treatment of senior BJP leaders was evident from the way he treated veteran BJP leader LK Advani.

Attacking the CPM, the Congress President said that the state government didn’t do anything for the 10000 families affected by floods. The party only looted people and would resort to politics of violence always. The Congress President further said that the party could not even generate sufficient employment opportunities for its people as a large number of the population was unemployed. Rahul also said that CPM’s ideology was defunct.

Questioning BJP and other parties’ violent tactics, the Congress President said violence is the weapon of the weak. He said PM Modi often abuses in his speeches and then pretends to be a preacher of non-violence and truth.

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