Rahul Gandhi Sparks 'Bael Buddhi' Social Media Campaign Against Modi, After The PM Called Him 'Balak Buddhi'

In a heated row between PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi, the later has started a social media campaign against the PM, calling him ‘Bael Buddhi’.

The Congress party took a direct jab at Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he called Rahul Gandhi ‘balak buddhi’ (childlike mind) in Parliament. They launched a social media campaign mocking Modi as ‘bael buddhi’ (dimwit), sharing memes and posts to criticize him. They highlighted instances where Modi claimed to have a photographic memory and shared clips of his other mistakes.

“Do you know who is bael buddhi?” the party asked in one of the posts. “The one who talks nonsense,” it added.

PM Modi, in his speech, repeatedly referred to Rahul Gandhi as ‘balak buddhi’, criticizing him for what he saw as childish behavior and drama in Parliament. Modi accused the Congress of pandering to Rahul Gandhi’s whims and mocked his claims of being unfairly targeted by the government. He compared Rahul’s actions to a child crying for sympathy without admitting fault.

On July 2, PM Modi mocked Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha by repeatedly referring to the leader of opposition as a child without taking his name and using ‘balak budhi’ jibe. “We saw childish behaviour in Lok Sabha yesterday,” said PM Modi in a swipe at Rahul’s speech in Lok Sabha.

“The entire Congress ecosystem is busy pleasing a child these days (Bachhe ka mann behlane ka kaam chal raha hai),” PM Modi said. He accused the leader of opposition of indulging in drama to gain sympathy. To mock Rahul Gandhi over his claims of being targeted and attacked by government, PM Modi narrated the story of a child who was crying to gain sympathy without disclosing the wrongs he had committed.
“The House witnessed the wailing of a person with “balak buddhi (childish behaviour),” PM Modi said.

Modi also mocked Congress’s performance in elections by telling a story about a boy boasting of getting 99 marks out of 543, suggesting failure despite initial praise.

The Prime Minister then went on to narrate another story to mock Congress’s performance in Lok Sabha elections.
“I recall a story of a boy who was boasting around with 99 marks, showing everyone how many marks he got. When people heard 99, they would praise him and boost his confidence. Then his teacher came and said, “He didn’t get 99 out of 100, but 99 out of 543.” Now, who will explain to that foolish boy that he has set a world record for failure?” PM Modi said.