Upping the political ante against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has raised a question on PM’s foreign policy in relation to China while invoking the Doklam issue once again. The Congress chief took to his Twitter account and while citing a news article put out a poll asking 
— “In Doklam, it’s China season again. How will Modi Ji react this time?” Based on the article, Rahul Gandhi has tried to counter PM Modi asking him how will he react to the news that China is constructing a new road to connect to Doklam.

Putting a poll on his official Twitter handle, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has also mentioned options of how PM Narendra Modi will react. Out of four options given by Rahul Gandhi, they are: 1) Hugplomacy, 2) Blame RM, 3) Cry in public, 4) All of the above. The Doklam stand-off with China was a sensitive issue which kept the Foreign Ministry of both nations occupied for quite to solve the matter. However, with patience and diplomatic relations, the issue was resolved mutually. PM Narendra Modi and his government received appreciation the way the issue was handled.

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Earlier, Rahul Gandhi during the recently concluded 84th plenary session of the Congress party had hit out at PM Narendra Modi over his way of governance. Rahul Gandhi mentioned about several issues and even invoked Mahabharata while differentiating between the BJP and Congress, saying that like the Pandavas, the Congress is designed to fight for truth. Addressing the plenary session, Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP is the voice of an organisation and the Congress is the voice of a nation.

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