Rajasthan court on Saturday ordered a 19-year-old to be hanged for raping a 7-month -old baby earlier this year. This the first time, when capital punishment has been ordered by a Rajasthan court after the state assembly in March passed a tougher sexual abuse law that allows the death penalty in the rape of minors under 12 years of age.

Rajasthan is the 2nd state in the country to have such a law in force after Madhya Pradesh it in December.

The incident came to light after in March when a relative was babysitting the child when the accused took her away. When the parents went looking for the baby, they found her crying at a football field, more than a kilometre away from their home.

The parents took the baby to Alwar hospital for medical examination which confirmed the rape. Later the accused was arrested by the police.

This is the first of its kind verdict in Rajasthan and 3rd in the country when the accused of rape has been awarded death penalty.




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